Truth is a pathless land

Jiddu Krishnamurti

What motivates us?

As Socrates already recognized 2000 years ago, we as humans are looking for truth in our lives. We are searching for a lost simplicity, a connection with nature, and the people that surround us.

These desires seem to be fading more and more from our modern way of living. In the face of everyday life, it is all too easy for us to lose connection with our surroundings and our true longings.

The tranquility and peaceful, slow-paced way of life can still be experienced in many small villages, which can be a new source of inspiration for us. With amavido, we want to make these experiences accessible to you, and at the same time save them from disappearing.

We see travel as a way to find special connections to places, people, nature, and therefore also your inner self. We want to help you find your very own truth, and look forward to accompanying you on your journey.

What defines us?



The discovery of beauty in the small, simple, and slow.


We represent a tourism in which the guest and the host meet at the same level, where each side is positively enriched.


New places, new tastes, new ways of life. We stand for the openness to discover something new, and to be inspired by it

What is important to us?

Our vision is to revive almost forgotten places and distinctive cultural features. To make the unique charm of small villages discoverable again, and to preserve their beauty by travelling through them. To re-discover traditions and allow them to be experienced, to create encounters, enable exchange, and thus reclaim something that is so important to us.

In a first step, we want to make the invisible visible, by putting the existing personal accommodation and activities on the map. Further along the road, we would like to motivate the local communities to present more and more ideas to amavido.

Once we have gained more experience over the next few years, we would like to actively help to mobilise currently abandoned settlements. Many young people want to return, but see no opportunities in the countryside. We want to help these people develop their ideas with us, and allow them return to their villages, where they can in turn offer their ideas and projects to guests.

In this way, amavido will become a global platform for sustainable tourism and "slowlife". It will inspire and connect many people, and offer its modest contribution to a new society in which urban and rural areas are in a stable balance.