We are the people behind amavido

Meet the amavido team

Dominik | Project Manager
Come along and let us re-invent the world together.

I'm Dominik, project manager and filmmaker. I am looking forward to taking you to Italy, to show you the hidden areas I have known since my childhood and which mean so much to me.

Markus | Product Manager
Let's push things forward. Together.

I'm an online product manager with a tendency for Campari Spritz. I like innovative web concepts and individual travel. amavido combines all of this for me, and gives me the chance to create something new and meaningful at the same time.

Maja | CEO
I love Italy with all its villages, people, and stories

I live between Koblenz, Italy, and Berlin, where I collect new ideas for amavido, I contact potential hosts and I search new the possibilities of sustainable tourism for my BA thesis.

Lucia | Tourism Destination Management
Non c'è cura migliore di un bel viaggio o di un buon bicchiere di vino.

Architect, urban planner with key expertise in tourism destination management. Passionate of travelling, interested in knowing new persons, Lucia joined amavido to embrace a new model of tourism and local development in Italy.

Eleonora | Sales
Si parte per conoscere il mondo, si torna per conoscere se stessi.

Italian art-lover lost in Berlin. I grew up in a small village in Emilia Romagna, I follow my curiosity to discover new places and cultures, always trying to get to know local community and its habits. My love for medieval castles, my land, traditions, nature and homemade food brought me to join amavido. I would like people to experience the real Italian community and get over the stereotype.

Maike | PR & Online Marketing
Do what makes your soul shine

The idea behind amavido is exactly how I believe how travel should be today, in order to escape the fast-paced everyday life. I like the idea that, together with the host, you have the opportunity to discover a new country for yourself, and that you create a pleasant travel experience together. This is why I'm glad to be able to support the team for some time while working on my degree of cultural studies, and I'm already curious what this time will offer.